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Företaget Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB grundades i februari 2013. Sedan dess har företaget drivit Sandsjögården Holiday Resort I underbar vackert Sandsjön i Swedish Lapland. >> read more...

SJG Team & Slädhundar

The company owners and hosts Caro & Daniel Schafer together with their son Joshua and two employees are the SJG core team. The team usually increases its work force with further manpower during the main seasons, when needed. And then there are of course the Nordic sleddogs, our furry family. The SJG dog team today includes the sleddog breeds Alaskan Malamute, Greenland dog, Siberian Husky and Yakutian Laika.   >> read more...

Helping Hands

Update 12 March 2023

We are now recruiting for Summer season 2023. Send us an e-mail if you are interested!

Sleddog Sponsorship

Hospitality & Service quality... the the core theme of the company Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB. We strive to live up to this in a casual, yet personal manner.

Thus, our employees are so much more than diligent, invisible holiday resort staff. Among others they are your competent advisers, convivial entertainers, friendly assistants and professional organizers. Our main focus is your wellbeing and your safety!

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Our guests often fall in love with our sleddogs and would adopt one directly, if we’d let them do so. We can perfectly understand the desire. The dogs are a solid part of our adventures offering and they belong to our SJG family.

It highly matters to us, that the dogs feel comfortable in their everyday surrounding, that they are healthy and can live up to their fascinating breed-specific behavior.
How about a sponsorship for your favorite dog? With this you can take over a piece of the responsibility and add to the dog's wellbeing  >> read more...

SJG Presentkort


Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB dedicates its attention on sustainability from a holistic perspective.

As a tourism company this includes a detailed view on and respect for the nature, more the ecosystem in which we live and work. Further, sustainability is also about the people, be it the employees, guests/tourists or neighbors, suppliers and partners.

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Are you looking for a great idea to surprise somebody special or even provide yourself with a treat?

Our SJG online gift cards can be redeemed for the entire offering of Sandsjögården Holiday Resort and the SJG Adventures by Northern Adventures & Resorts.
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SJG Galleri


Sandsjögården's real estate dates back to the stone age, i.e approx. 6,000 years ago people lived, hunted and cooked at exactly this site of today's holiday resort. The huts back then were geniously constructed. The ground or floor construction was dug into the earth to efficiently use geothermal heat and natural insulation.  Stones were heated in the fire hearth and used to heat up the hut and to cook. A remainder of that period is still visible at our location and even remainders of stone age hunting pits can be found nearby. Ask at the reception for more information.

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Pictures say more than a thousand words. Impressions of beautiful lake Sandsjön and Europe's last wilderness.

Hjortron - Moltebeere - Cloudberry

Hjortron - Moltebeere - Cloudberry



Anker Impressum

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Sandsjögården – Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB
Sandsjö 122
SE-92492 Blattnicksele


Represented by
General Manager and Chair: Caroline Schafer
Vice Chairman: Daniel Schafer

Tel: +46 (0)76 103 85 75


Org.Nr. 556914-8207
VAT No. SE556914820701

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